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Mar 12, 2023
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New Hampshire
Tried searching, no luck.
Does the push to talk on the steering wheel require On Star to make calls? Mine is not working at all. My voice is ”not heard” or not recognized whether using the truck or using AA. I can make calls manually using phone and contacts on the DIC or using keypad on infotainment screen. Microphone works as I can have conversations. Can’t do anything “hands free”. Anyone have any insight?
Using android auto you should be able to push the talk button to make calls without Onstar. Some of our trucks, not sure if chip shortage or missing technology package, you can no longer talk to the truck's onboard assistant.
So with your phone plugged in and Android Auto active what happens when you push the talk button?
The truck doesn’t “hear“ me either way, through the truck or with Android auto. It’s not a huge deal, just disappointing. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or if I needed to have an OnStar account set up.
It’s under warranty, will be calling dealer today. Need to have seat motor looked at too.
It’s under warranty, will be calling dealer today. Need to have seat motor looked at too.
Do you recall if your phone was requesting you to give a bunch of different permissions for the Android Auto or Apple Car Play app when you synced it to your truck? I know having access to your contacts was one of the permissions I had to grant on mine, and it won't recognize when I say "call John Smith" if I don't have my contacts synced. Maybe try going into the Bluetooth device list on your truck and delete your phone, and try adding it again afterwards. Then pay attention to what permissions your phone is asking you to give.
Everything was synced, including contacts. I spoke with the Chevy “connectivity group” and she tried resetting something over the air through I assume Onstar. That made no difference. She believed this indicates a hardware problem. Going to make an appt at the dealer as soon as the Camaro is out of hibernation.

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