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Radio / Infotainment Screen doesn't turn off once engine is off and door is opened.


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Sep 25, 2023
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I have ~2000 miles on my '23 Colorado TB and love it, but all of a sudden (in the last 2 weeks) when I turn off the truck the radio stays on even after I open the door. It will stay on anywhere from 1 - 3 minutes. Of course, when I took it to the dealership this morning to have them look at it, it worked fine there, but as soon as I left and got back home it did it again.

Anyone else experiencing this and have a fix? The dealership(s) (2 in my area) want me to drop it off for a week for evaluation. I don't understand why dealerships can't just put people in the queue and have you bring your vehicle in to be evaluated on that specific day. Why do you have to leave it with them for a week before they can look at it?
I had a similar issue when my last update failed, whether the radio not shutting off was b/c of the update failure I cannot say. Before I had the dealership look at it, my radio started shutting off when I opened the door after shutting off the motor. I took it in to be looked at anyway and they said the update failed. They had to manually fix the update issue and it took about 1/2day, but all is well now.
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