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Recommendations on tire upgrades


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Sep 7, 2021
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Washington State
First time posting, so in advance I appreciate all input regarding tire upgrades for my 2019 LT Trail Boss. I have the stock 275/60R20’s but I am wanting to go a bit wider and for a more rugged look. Not really too much of a upgrade guy but this was the dream truck so want to really go do it right and upgrade some things! Don’t want to go too big though, so I don’t run the risk of tire rubbing and having to trim anything. I appreciate the feedback.
I'm waiting to lift mine but I found the BFG, Falken and Toyo were at the top of the heap for all terrain tires... I have used the Toyo and BFG
Toyo would make more sense even the Falken as they do better on wet cold roads as well WA state slushy snow...I'm going with 35 inch BFG as I will be spending alot of time on the Baja and that seems to be the best combo...
Yesterday I had a set of 10 ply Mazama Open Range tires put on my T. B. I needed to put on 10 plys because of the heavy loads I carry otherwise I would not have switched. The ride is noticeably rougher. Thankfully the T. B. seats are very comfortable. I just stayed with my T. B.'s stock tire size.
Here you go.


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With the 295’s - is this with a level kit? Issues with 4x4? With the truck fit in a standard garage opening (7ft)
I am running Cooper 35x12.5x20 on an aftermarket copy of stock wheels (sub $1000 and black center caps). I had a 1.5" Rough Country leveling (at Chevy dealer) and the tire shop cut my front mud flaps 2/3 from the inside (all 3 screws on flap still attached). Only rub is at full turn reverse. I tried 1.5" spacers but the rub went to the body instead of the flap (removed the spacers). It has a beautiful stance with the bigger wider tires. I bumped up from the 295x70x18s I first tried on the stock wheels.


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