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Refreshed Transmission Shifter Rant


Sep 17, 2022
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Don't know if anybody else finds this shifter to be an annoyance. I don't mind hitting the little button on the side to get it out of park, my issue is I sometimes rest my hand on the shifter while driving. On more than one occasion I have done this and didn't notice the truck went in manual mode. All you have to do is pull it back slightly to get it into manual mode. Just the other day while turning left at a busy intersection I unknowingly put it into manual (1st) and drove off. With the radio on I did not see or hear that the engine was at redline until i noticed the lack of acceleration. Very embarrassing to to say the least. I'm trying to conscously keep my hand off of it, but wish it wasn't so sensitive. I think they should have designed it so you had to push the button on the shifter and move it back to get into manual mode. I've only had the truck a little over a month, but hopefully I can keep my hand from resting on the shifter. Anybody else find this a little annoying?
I really like the new shifter location & function of it. But I agree with you on this issue as I also unknowingly put it into manual (1st) and drove off with the wife saying hello and me replying don't worry I got this. :cool:
I still prefer the column shifter. IMO, the new console shifter just takes up space that could be used for storage.

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