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Replacement battery

Paul Wisenbaker

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Feb 11, 2021
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Conroe, TX
36K on the Odo (20 5.3) and battery seems weak at times. Bought an Optima H7 yellow top. Anyone have this come up so soon?
Made it a fair bit longer than you, but only 33k and she left me stranded on the return from work. Battery won't hold but 12.3v after overnight charge and one start. Looking at replacements; how is your Optima holding up, and was the H7 a direct replacement (no mods)?
I've noticed modern vehicles with all the electronics seem to eat up batteries in about 3 yrs. My truck is about 2.5 yrs old with 19K miles. I can tell the battery might not make it to 3 yrs. Maybe due to the fact I don't drive it every day and sometimes it sits for a week before I use it.
Just about at the point where i would need a new battery. '21 5.3 with 31k miles. batteries typically last less in the south florida heat. Wondering what you guys recommend as a good replacement.

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