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Reverse sensors in bumper


Aug 16, 2022
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NorCal Wine Country
Bought '22 TB in August. Sticker says reverse sensors non-op, but will activate later, probably needs a chip.
Anyone else missing this feature, and has it been activated yet?
If so, how were you notified to get it fixed?
Thanks, Brian
My '22 LTD is missing chips for heated seats and front and back park sensors. I picked up the truck in March of '22.
Have not received notice by mail yet from GM about the heated seats chip. I'm even less hopeful that I will ever see the park sensors chip, but hope to be proven wrong.
Wow. I've heard of others that DID get the heated seats chip. Seems like long time for yours.
I did buy new off-the-lot in early August, a July build.
Hope we get the rear park assist soon...
You can borrow my heated seat and steering wheel chips. Going to be 75 deg here on Christmas ☀️
Sorry :p
Don't feel bad I have a 2022 LTD TB bought new off dealer lot on January 12 2022 Going on a year now and still don't have heating seats or steering wheel. 4 degrees feels like -17 Fahrenheit in Michigan. Believe me I know I just got done clearing drive.

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