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Ridge Vs Recon Grapplers


Jan 20, 2023
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Sugartit, SC
Gathering thoughts on these two nitto tire options.

My situation: 99.9% highway & on road usage with an annual trip to a local state park with some pretty easy gravel trails. My serious off roading stuff is behind me since I sold my Jeep. Want something with solid tread life, reasonable noise level, and honestly I like the look of both of these tires. I’ll consider other options, but for the sake of this not becoming a “what are you currently running?” Thread, I’d like to limit responses to these two. Price is within $100 for a full set so that’s pretty much negligible.

Likely will be 35*12.5*20 with an aftermarket 20*10 with -18mm offset. I’ve got an SST kit with 4” total lift now.
I don’t currently have either. I had the ridge grapplers on a 2500 HD previously and had no complaints. The ride and wear was good, I do think nittos tread compound is a little soft though. Based on what I’ve read (taken with a grain of salt and a beer) for what you describe I’d recommend the recons based on the fact that as a true AT vs hybrid terrain of the ridge you get a 55k limited tread wear warranty. Whether you can actually recoup on that or not I don’t know but it atleast tells me they expect you to get more miles out of them.

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