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RL 1.75" Kit -- amount of lift?


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Apr 7, 2021
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Cedarburg, WI
I am about to put on a Readylift 1.75" kit on my 21 Trailboss. My front is only about 1.25 shorter then the rear. So I am trying to determine on if I only use the top spacer in the kit.

How much lift did everyone else get with the RL 1.75" kit?
I used the top spacer only with the UCA’s - running 295 70 18
Truck is exactly level now
I went the above route first, but didn’t like the nose quite so high. I didn’t like the highway manners at speed. Ended up taking the top spacer out and added the bottom only. Still have a tad bit of rake but it suits me fine. It is higher than stock which is what I wanted.
I have a 1/2 spacer now but want the .75" more to level it. So that is way I am thinking just the top spacer will get me where I need it. But does the top spacer give you 1.25" of lift?
Top spacer lifted my truck about 1.5”. Leveled it out and didn’t compromise the CV axle angles; perfect for what I was looking to do.
Pull the bottom spacer and install the top- should achieve what you’re looking for.

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