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Rough Country Bumper?


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Oct 1, 2020
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British Columbia, CANADA
I saw this bumper advertised by Rough Country online but can’t find it on their website… looks pretty good I think.
I can’t find a product page on it either . Wonder what they’re waiting for?
Haha I was hoping they’d be coming out with it once they figured out a winch capable option. But Christmas is just as likely …
Maybe if I remove my front bumper in the middle of the night my wife might think it got stolen and I need a replacement… that and I need to find out how much extra it’s going to cost to get it delivered to Canada.
Our factory bumpers are flimsy. Just hit the bumper with the edge of a piece of paper and then show the wife how much damage occurred.

Ha. Obviously I am exaggerating here but for real these bumpers are thin and flimsy. I backed out of a parking spot and hit a utility bed. It crushed the rear bumper to where I could not open the tailgate. I was going 3 to 5 mph. I now have a Go Rhino rear bumper. The utility bed did not even get a scratch.

This RC bumper looks good with our front ends in that pic. You get a lot for the money.
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