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Feb 5, 2023
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West Monroe Louisiana
I was wanting to install seat covers in my 2023 Custom Trail Boss. I saw that the Carhardt Precision Fit front and rear was over 1,000 dollars. Is this correct and are they worth paying that much? Seems like the Rough Country at 200 dollars is the better option
I have the Carhartt ones, I think they are worth it. They are by far the best fitting and looking covers I have ever had. I bought the front seats and the rear at different times so it didn’t hurt so bad. I didn’t put the console cover on. Since this pic I have replaced the “wood” trim with black/grey and vinyl wrapped the chrome trim and the seat covers match perfectly.


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Thanks for the input. I was wanting to purchase the Carhardtt covers, just wanted to hear from someone that they were worth it.
The Carhartt are very nice with great quality if you don’t mind paying that price.. They definitely will last along time.
I got the carhartt Seat Savers...not as form fitting but does a great job protecting. This is my second set for 2 diff trucks...would purchase again if needed them. When sold my other truck the seats looked brand new. Sold the old ones to neighbor...and they still look good.
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I have the wetokole seat covers in my 2023 Custom Trail Boss, and I love them. They fit perfectly and are very well made. I've had them for a few months now, and they're still in great condition. I highly recommend them, even though they are expensive.
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