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Service Parts Identification, Option Codes, Color Code


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Feb 24, 2021
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Boulder, CO
I made the mistake of not parking far enough away from other cars. Got a scratch in my paint today. And learned how to find the Codes for my Trail Boss. These are no longer found on a Sticker in the glove box.

You have to Read the QR code on a sticker inside the driver's door. BUT ... of course the Paint Code is not found there! Ha, ha! In fact, I cannot find where the Paint Code is indicated in or on the vehicle itself anywhere. Other resources must be used. Eventually I found that the GM color "Red Hot" is not the only name, and it may not be the actual, Official name of the paint color.

No, no; THAT is apparently "Pull Me Over Red" which has the paint code G7C. Which once found is also the paint code for "Red Hot." Then I ordered a touchup kit. In the past I have used TouchUpDirect. There is also TouchUpZone, and others I suppose. This time I ordered from AutomotiveTouchup. They mix the paint only right before ordering. And they are the least expensive. We'll see. I might still order from another source. All have some sort of Clear Coat as well.

(I searched for pertinent terms, and there appears to be no previous thread nor discussion of the Option Codes here on the Forums.)

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