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Shadow Gray Metallic

I don’t know it’s a tough choice.. Love the TB because it’s a nicer drive … so my daughter is using it for now and I drive the 22 HD that I ordered. We are going to switch back and forth for awhile according to towing duties.


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New to me 2020 Trail Boss LT Crew in SGM!! I had to upgrade from a 2020 Custom Double cab because 1) My son hit a teenage growth spurt and him and his buddies don't fit in the back seat any more and 2) turns out my 4'11" wife can't see over the hood on the rare occasion she needs to drive. So I upgraded to the Crew and LT (with adjustable drivers seat). Oh darn.

Previous owner took care of a few mods: Muffler delete, removed all badges, window tint, DECKED Truck Bed drawers
I've added a few: Pulsar LT (no more DFM or ASS), Boost Auto mod (auto-on fogs with headlights and all-6 lights on when bright), Westin HDX steps, LEDs for backup lights/cargo light, distressed American flag decal for back window, custom black Trail Boss/flag decal for bed, BAKflip tri-fold bed cover
And a few I'm considering for the future: 1.75" lvl kit and 295 tires

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A little late to the game with my 2020 but i just joined the forum and dig finding a SGM thread. As soon as I saw this color, I knew I had to have it.


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Crazy how it drastically changes color depending on the environment. I saw it at the dealer under a bright sky then saw it the next day when it was cloudy. Way different 👍
I told my salesman that wasn't the truck I bought, why bait and switch on me....I was busting his baws, but yeah love my SGM
Big fan of the SGM.


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