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Jan 26, 2022
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Fort Worth
We are going to pick up a JayCo SLX 8 224BH. Well within our trucks' capacities at around 5,000lbs.

I've towed and backed boats in the past but I'd still consider myself a novice. So I definitely want a weight distribution hitch to widen my margin for error a little bit. What are the hitches you've used in the past and have liked? Will I find much difference in how they operate or ease of hookup? Links are appreciated if you have them.
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I tow a Keystone Hideout 5500 Dry but probably closer to 6500-7000 loaded.

Currently using a Curt Tru Track Hitch which is easy to hookup. The issue you will run into is the WD Hitch can get the sag out of the back of the truck but with the suspension being so soft it's a little dicey hitting a bump at freeway speeds. I've got a set of air bags purchased that I'll be installing before our next trip.
best tip I ever saw was lift the jack up fairly high and then install the distribution bars. then let the jack down. takes all the hard work out of it. I've never once used the torque bar. they also help with sway on the highway a lot. I have a travel trailer and would always get them installed.
Thanks. Picking up our travel trailer this weekend so these tips help.
Grease, they need heavy grease. Mine works great but there is more movement at the seat of the torsion bars than you might think. The bars and the seat need a good coat of grease or it will be metal on metal rubbing under extreme pressure. You can hear it rub very loudly when turning at low speeds like when driving through a campground if they are dry.

Picked up the trailer and got a Blue Ox distribution hitch. Super easy to hookup and very little strength needed to get it all right and tight. Even my 11 year old could do it.


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