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Slide-in Camper Tie Downs


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Dec 28, 2022
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Halfmoon Bay, BC
Hi all,
Purchased a 2022 TB LT this fall and wow, never going back to a mid-size!
Curious if anyone with a 2022 has installed camper tie-downs to the frame (e.g. TorkLift)? We have a slide-in camper and want to secure it like we did on our Tacoma.
What size slide in do you have. I'm trying to figure out how big I can go..
We have the Palimino SS-500. It is made for a mid-size truck which we already owned so needed some mods to fit the Boss (added extenders to the Jack legs and built a box for the camper to sit on as the sides of the truck are too tall). That said, we did not want a bigger camper because the weight of the camper is only 1170lbs dry so it is light for the payload of the truck.
Thanks, visited a camper dealer and they refused to install any slide in on my truck because there's a sticker in the glove box that states No slide in used with this truck. I never even noticed it was there.. haha!
Yes you are correct and that threw me for a loop when I got home and found that sticker. The dealer knew exactly that I was getting a bigger truck for the camper we have. No one ever stated that until after I found it. The thing with the sticker is it says “should not” not “shall not”.

Also, how can a Tacoma handle the camper that we have and not the Trail Boss when it comes with a way stiffer and stronger frame and beefed up suspension.

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