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So I joined. Hello other Trail boss owners!


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Sep 24, 2020
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That's the first orange Trailboss I've ever seen! Looks great!
Great color! That orange really pops! I ordered a 2021 Trail Boss in Shadow Grey Metallic. I'm already purchasing mods for it and I don't even have it yet! I can't wait to get this truck! It's all I think about. I'm going to be perusing this forum for great ideas to make it my own! So far I have 2" Rough Country wheel spacers, a Rough Country rubber bed mat, and Westin wheel-to-wheel running boards. I also got a Dixie horn. Big Dukes of Hazzard fan! I'm reading up on fuel management systems and cold air intakes. But I don't want to void that warranty, so any advice on this is much appreciated.
I want to do some mods for better fuel mileage but I don’t want to void the warranty either. I have friends that are techs at the dealer, I am sure if I had an issue the would cover it.
I was thinking tube and drop in filter with some kind of programmer. I need to read up on the exhaust flapper.
Welcome to the forum @Nboss23 - Like others have said, that's the first orange one I've seen and it looks awesome! Congrats!
My first truck was 1976 Chevy Scottsdale 4x4 short box in Hugger Orange. I love the Orange I as well couldn't find one. I just got a 2021 custom Trail boss crew std bed in Northsky Blue. Love it so far.
Dude how about a pic of the full side.....want to see that orangness!

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