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Someone keyed my window


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May 22, 2021
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Whenever I can I park out in the south 40 with no one around my truck to be courteous to everyone and keep the truck safe. Of course thats not always possible. Not sure exactly where it happened but some AHOLE took a key and scribled deep scratches into my passenger side window like a 5 year old with his first crayon. I'm so pissed! It had to be someone I parked next to or some extremist environmental type that thinks he has that right because he drives a POS Prius. What the F*** is wrong with people????

This is the stuff that makes my blood boil. I'll be getting the ring car cam as soon as they ship. I'm like you, even as much as to not even drive like a douche so people don't have a reason to mess with me. Yet, I keep hearing these stories. Good luck with getting it squared away.
People need to mind their own business and leave everyone TF alone. I believe most people are decent and caring but the ones that aren’t, need to go away. It’s that simple.
I know my TB was parked at a restaurant. When I got home I noticed a door ding some idiot opened their door into my driver side door. Long story short it cost me $100.00 I had the paint less dent removable guy fix it. Expensive breakfast. LOL
Someone I know decided to do a burnout on gravel in a beater when my truck was parked and this action flung gravel towards my truck and chipped my paint in multiple spots on the driver's side. It sucks when others are not mature enough to take responsibility for their actions. :mad:

But what can I do, it is better to be the wise adult.
Put a NRA or Sig Sauer decal on your back window. 😉🇺🇸👊🏻
I agree! I have a 338 Laupa on my back window and a another sticker and shirt that says "Never underestimate and old man that can eliminate you from another zip code!" It's true I will play tag up to 1.5 miles. I do like the ring camera idea as well.

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