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Sounds after shutoff


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Apr 19, 2022
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Dallas, Texas
This might have been covered before but I heard it again yesterday when I got home. There is some type of sound coming from the rear end of the truck once turn it off and get out. To me it sounds like an air ride was leveling out or something, it doesn't happen every time but I hear it often and have no idea what it might be. I'm not a professional mechanic but I'm more than capable and cant seem to figure it out from research online. Any insight would be awesome, thanks in advance!
Mine has done it since day one. I think it is just electronics throughout finally shutting down. Mine sometimes does it a few minutes after I have turned it off, and similar noises when I open the door a while after it has been off.
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I noticed those noises also. When I first get in it after opening the door, I hear a noise in the rear near the axle. Also, dropped the wife off and was sitting in the truck waiting on her with everything off. After a minute or two there were a bunch of noises coming from behind the instrument cluster. These noise happen every time so I'm pretty sure it something to do with these new electronics. Not going to worry about it...
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