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Speed restricted to 98 MPH


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Jan 17, 2021
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Was kidding my buddy that my truck was faster than his. Both Have a 2020 6.2. He said not it wasn't , it wont go over 98 MPH. Didn't believe him. Tried it today. Damn thing cut out out at 98 MPH. Dash was flashing speed restricted to 98 MPH. Didn't know that big brother now can tell me how fast I can drive.
Well, my speedometer goes all the way to 140. So it must be different. 😐
Depends on the size of the wheels from the factory.
18" limits top speed to 98 mph and the 20" is 112 mph
98mph is fast enough for a truck... isn’t it? And the tires need to be rated for high speed if you’re being safe.
If i want to go faster than that, I would drive my '07 Corvette. It's unlikely that I have gone faster than that, though. Actually probably not even that fast in the Corvette. Yeah, pretty sure i haven't gone that fast. Honest.

(Also, as far as my speedometer going to 140, as noted in a post above ... for that the gas pedal probly goes to eleven.)
Most truck tires (all terrains) aren’t going to be rated for more than what the limiter allows. Here’s what I found online.


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I guess I must be old. I can't imagine wanting to drive 98 mph in a 4 wheel drive truck.

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