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Step bars.


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Oct 26, 2023
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Ok, don’t laugh at me for this.

I put step bars on all my trucks including this one. Been using N-Fab steps with good results.
But, on this truck you need to make sure you are consciously thinking about where you’re putting your foot otherwise you slide off the step.
It feels like the step is on an angle but it is not.
Maybe it’s just the height from the floor pan to the step?
By looking at it, it seems like the step should be out far enough.
Anyone notice this?
My ‘08 Silverado and ‘22 Colorado were just fine and felt natural.
so, ever since about 2014...i have flet that most bars on these trucks are UNDER the rocker more so than normal...and the metal is THIN and dents easily.

i run a board that mimics the GM high clearance style. Mine are from Rough Country, and are rock solid...and can be ordered in varying widths
I went with the GM high clearance steps, and though they are not rock sliders or in the RC price range, I love them! Great traction, high and tight, and help with keeping kids off the rocker panels.
I don’t do any rock sliding so the AMP Power Steps work great for me👍
I don’t do any rock sliding so the AMP Power Steps work great for me👍
I have the the AMP power steps on mine. I'm on my second set and I'd get a third. I swapped the right side once already. With the lift I find them nice and tuck away nice however they do have limitations. If not for the six inch lift I'd probably have fixed ones.

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