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TC/ESC Secret hand shake.


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May 22, 2021
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I finally have Traction control/Electronic stabilization control figured out. There was a little more to it than I thought.
While out wheeling yesterday I noticed the ESC was turning itself back on after I had it disabled.
TC/ESC are great features and federally mandated for all vehicles. They can be life savers in snow and ice but of course you do not want them on when 4wheeling as they are problematic in that condition.

For those that don't know yet how to disable both of them this is it. Press the TC button to turn that off. Then hold that same button down again for four seconds and you will disable ESC.
This is a necessary adjustment for 4 wheel high. In 4 wheel low they are automatically disabled.

What I didn't know is that at 35 MPH ESC automatically re-engages itself. Yesterday I was transitioning from 4WD trails to improved dirt roads. When I saw ESC coming back on after being disabled I thought it was a bug. Nope its a federal mandate.

By the way Chevys ESC is considered to be a very advanced system. But when I'm off road I sure as hell don't want an on board nanny simultaneously deciding which wheels to gas and which ones to brake.

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