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The Silver Ice Metallic Trail Boss Thread

Fender Flares (found a good deal on Ebay)- GM part#84297538

Bull Bar- Bought from the GM accessories- I do not know if it will fit the refreshed trucks or not.

Bug Deflector- AVS-- bought off of Amazon

Bed Cover- Gm Accessories

Black Lug Nuts- Got lucky on ebay, great deal- GM part# 85105297

Next thing on my list is to get rid of the chrome exhaust tips for black and I still need to get a stubby antenna, have no idea why I keep forgetting to order one.
Thank you, I’ll do my research and see what I find.
Bath time at sunset
Wash, Clay, applied Cerakote Ceramic Treatment for the first time. Hopefully the results are good.


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I picked up one of the short antennas from ebay, the bullet one. If you go that route the reception is going to suffer. Fyi.
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