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Tinted tail lights


Oct 12, 2022
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Long Island, NY
Does anyone have pictures of their tail lights lightly tinted? I'm thinking about doing the light tint option from luminx... just want to cut some of the bright red color from them a little bit and keep the glossy look. I hate the matte look. Something like this.


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These lights are a pain in the ass to wrap. I tried to wrap mine with some Vivid tint film and I couldn't get it to lay flat due to all of the compound curves.
Have you looked into the tinted light covers from AVS? If you don't like them you can just pull them off.
Much like Gen X they aren't dead yet, and are best equipped for the ever-changing minds of millennials and younger.
This thread may help you out.

Night shades looks like dogs***. As far as the covers? just No. Terrible. Glossy light tint like the above picture. I bought a good amount of the vivid light tint so I'm gonna give it a shot... Will post pics if and when I'm satisfied with how they come out...
I did run across plastidip in smoked translucent at Autozone. Not sure what to think of it or how it would work.
Well, that just might be enough to convince me to do this. Never done it before, but bright red on a blue and black truck sticks out like a sore thumb. You people with your good ideas keep me from giving my disposable income to my wife for her to spend, lol.
I've tried to wrap my taillights with 2 different kits and failed miserably both times! I tried Laminex and RVinyl kits. I wrapped the roof of the truck with ease. My son has a Mustang and I tinted his headlights/taillights with ease. I vinyl wrapped all the interior chrome trim pieces in the TB around the A/C vents, steering wheel, Radio, door/console trim and cup holders...no problem at all. These Chevy lights are just a pain in the....you know what to wrap! I've wasted about $125 now trying to save money with the tinted film...I'm giving up and just going to buy a new set of tinted taillights and swap the hole set out. Just my experience. I'm sure there's plenty of folks out there with better skill (and patience) than me!
have some clear tinted with black and make it in aerosol can, many place do this and it is a high quality auto paint. 2 coats to start, then add for slighlty darker tints.

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