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Tips for aftermarket audio setups 2022 1500LTD


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Jan 7, 2023
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Columbia SC
Any tips and suggestions for Amps and subs? I’d like to use the backseat storage and maybe the cup compartment perhaps. Anyone have a set up they wanna share ?
I installed a shallow mount 10' sub, notched out the driver side rear underseat storage and fit perfect. Get an LC2i off Amazon and tap it into the door speaker wire, run power wire for your amp of choice and ready to roll, the rest is just connections at the amp/LC2i/sub. The shallow mount 10" Sundown Audio sub and Rockford Fosgate Prime mono amp gives plenty of bass and pairs well with the factory Bose system.
My current sub and amp set up is a JL Audio 13TW5v2 with a Kenwood Excelon amp all mounted under the back seat also running the LC2i. I have a Kenwood bass knob mounted where some trucks have thier brake controller. I have the none Bose speakers so at some point Ill run a multi channel amp and some JL door speakers. I will say that sometimes i miss the small 10" Kenwood Excelon sub and box i had because it let me keep 3/4's of my under seat storage. I cut out the spot needed for that sub on those hard under seat storage add-ons and it was convenient but the new Box for the JL takes the entire length but its worth it!

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