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Tire Chains Part 2


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Feb 24, 2021
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Boulder, CO
Hey Guys ... think your truck is pretty capable off road and in difficult trail conditions?
Put a Full Set of Tire Chains on it.

Ohh. YEAH!

I was up on these trails two weeks ago, when I didn't have the chains, and conditions were bad. But I had my winch and I talked to people in Jeep CJs with Big Tires, in case I got into trouble.

Today, I put the full set of chains on in the "parking lot" area. It's a real chore, not much fun at all, and probably takes a little longer than Airing Down. But WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes! This thing was UNSTOPPABLE today, in MUCH WORSE conditions. Trails are Deeply Rutted, with water, slush, snow and mud. More snow off the side of the trail, as well. My Trail Boss kept wanting to leave the trail and go off into the woods.

All I did was just stop --even in really bad spots-- and slowly back up. And then either pull out slowly or really get some momentum. Also used the Down Hill Speed Control again. These ARE real mountains, after all. It's also nice to have 375 HP.

Doggies just love going up there. They get to run around until they drop.

That is a full-grown, adult German Shepherd dog. The ruts are deeper than she is tall.

Traction is Just MONSTER with these chains and 4WD Low. Stance with 1-1/2 inch spacers is good, too.

Not quite 9,000 feet MSL.

I really love this truck.