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Dec 28, 2022
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Looking for new tires today and decided on the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Right now, I have the stock Goodyear LT275 65 R18. The tire shop recommended 275 65 R18 instead of the LT saying the truck would ride and handle better. They said they always use the standard tires over LT on half ton trucks. What do you think???
I’m running the Falkens 295 70 18. It’s an E rated tire and I keep them at 40psi unless im hauling the boat around. Ride great. Depends on what your using the truck for but the sidewalls may be to soft on the lighter tires.
LT's are supposed to handle offroading better. Stiffer sidewalls and less of a chance of a blowout from a rugged rock or something else. They are correct that "passenger" rated tires will ride more smoothly on pavement though. Also, switching away from LT's will lower your tow capacity. Those tires take part of the weight.
I personally would stick with an LT tire for this truck, if you only stay on the pavement and never tow anything heavy a passenger rated tire will do… LT tires are rated for heavier vehicles, hence why they came oem on our trucks.. Hopefully all this information helps you with your choice..
Mounted some 295/70/18 Cooper AT3’s today. so much quieter than the stock duratrac’s.
Mounted some 295/70/18 Cooper AT3’s today. so much quieter than the stock duratrac’s.View attachment 4614
How do they ride? My hesitation keeping the stock wheels and upgrading to a 295/70/18 is the E load rating which is stiffer and I won't need. Other option I'm looking at is a 17" wheel and a C load tire in a 35" which is offered but gotta get smaller wheels.
If you’re going to use your truck like a car with a big trunk, the car tires will probably be ok.
Trail Boss is just half ton truck. Could the truck itself even haul anything heavy enough to justify LT tires?
LT tires are constructed to accommodate payload capacity up to 4,000lbs.
Trailboss payload capacity is under 2000lbs. So yes you can run P rated tires and probably not have any problems.
Sometimes the only size available is an LT.
That seems to be the case with 20” wheels.
It is a truck, run LTs it deserves it. Anything is only as strong as its weakest link. Tires are the first component of your suspension system and they take a beating.

"C" rated 35s.......That is the ultimate in all show and no go. Sorry I do not usualy make comments like that but it's true. It is like shopping for boots and wanting them to be as comfortable as sandels.


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