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Tire size question with BDS 6 inch lift?


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Jun 6, 2022
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Saratoga springs NY
I have a 2020 LT Trail boss with the BDS 4 inch lift which is = to 6.. I have Fuel 18 inch rims with -12 Offset.. I have BFG K02 35x12.50 tires now, do you think I can stuff a 37x 13.50 18 on my truck? Anyone running 37 on a 6 inch lift? Is it possible with 18 inch wheels? Thanks for all the help.. Scott
I'm going to say no on the 37". I have the the exact same lift with 35" and I have measured every possible turn situation and at full it there is an 1/2" clearance. The only way I would consider 37" is with a different front bumper. Then you could get a way with it on the extra 1.0" on each side. That's my opinion though because I thought about it. Trust me.
I should be able to do it then when my front bumper shows up.. Chassis unlimited.. Thanks for the information my friend.. Should be here in about 3 weeks..


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Boy I hate to be a copy cat, however I really like that bumper. Hmm New look and well bigger tires! Yes!
Plus it’s on sale through Labor Day.. When I ordered 2 weeks ago, they were like 5 weeks out till shipping, they build everything in house right in California.. USA made 🇺🇸

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