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To or to not to?!


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Apr 19, 2022
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Dallas, Texas
So a few months ago I traded up to my 2021 TB and I took the aftermarket wheels off my 16 Z71. I like to take my truck on road trips and we all know the Duras or any other tires that style kill MPG so my theory is to take my TB 18's with the duras and put a regular street tire on them for road trips and put my aftermarket wheels that have Nitto's on when I'm in town. This is my aftermarket wheel, would it be worth it to swap or not?
That Grid style is a really great looking wheel. I have used two sets of wheels on two different Chevy trucks before my TB. I like the idea of using a road tire for better economy on long highway trips, but I never did actually change them out for that. I also have two sets of wheels for my Corvette, for Summer/Tracking and for Winter. But again, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to changing them over. It may require an Alignment. It may require resetting the TPMS sensor locations for the vehicle. It's a good idea, but it's a hassle, too.
It would be worth it to me on trips totaling about 1000mi or more. Fuel mileage is more about aerodynamics than tread pattern but the noise reduction might be enough to make it worthwhile.
Why would it require an alignment? Wheels don't effect alignment, only suspension changes do. You'd have to do a TPMS relearn and need to have the ~$10 cheapo tool to re-pair them when swapped. It only takes a few minutes to do. I have aftermarket wheels I'm going to be running for the summer and put the stock 20's and Goodyear Territory tires on for winter. I've run separate winter wheels and snow tires on the majority of my vehicles for years now.

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