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Tonneau cover drain holes

I believe they are already there. I know I did not have to drill any holes in mine. Just pushed them through the bottom corners.
Mine were there already as well.
Thanks- I’ve see these holes and I’ve also seen a dealers video where he states he’s put them off to the sides for two reasons . One if you put them in the holes that are there they maybe in the way when loading material, and second if you drill holes in the forward side there’s vents for reliving cab pressure and you don’t want to be drawing water into them. And I also thought that if you do get water in the bed how will that water drain if the holes are used for the tonneau drain lines.
NO WAY I was drilling holes into my over $50K truck bed when I live in salty Michigan! That's just asking for spots to rust out. You're not going to get much water in there unless you're intentionally trying to force water into it. If you don't have a tailgate seal it will just run out the back anyways. I have a tailgate seal and never see any water in my bed. The lines on mine are clear flexible PVC so even if you pinch them when you load something they will come back to shape if it's not left there for a long period of time.
Thanks for your opinion / knowledge. Wasn’t really too hot on the thought of making any new holes. I’ll stick with the bed holes that are there, if I find there’s and issue later I’ll make new holes. To bad Chevy didn’t have the foresight to have the holes that are there on the front corners lower for this type of installation.
I don't know why they're where they are either. All my S10's had them in the front corners of the bed which makes the most sense. I don't know if there's stuff underneath the corners that would be an issue if you had water dripping down from above or not. I haven't looked that closely at it.
Anybody have any more experience or opinions on this? I just got my new to me 2020 TB and took off the tonneau cover to instal a tool box. Surprised the drain holes are not located in absolute front corner on each side. Was going to drill but wanted some opinions first. If I get my tool box on my access to drill new drains will be limited. Thanks!
As with another TB owner’s response, I wasn’t keen on drilling holes in my bed. I utilized the two existing holes in front of the bed for my tonneau cover. The tubes were a tight fit and I figured once the tonneau cover was installed I shouldn’t see any significant water in the bed. Why would you want any other holes other than for possible better drainage ?

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