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Toyo Tire Question


Dec 2, 2022
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Glen Carbon, IL 62034, USA
I know this isn't a Tahoe forum, but wanted to get some input from the fellow members on here. I have a 2022 LT TB on order from April, it's just still stuck in Mexico, thus why I joined here.

My wife has a 2023 Z71 Tahoe and she wants some new all black wheels on it, we aren't fans of the stock ones they put on these. The current setup on it is a 20 x 9 rim with 275/60R20 Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT's on it. I was wanting to get some 22 x 9 all black GM snowflake rims for it, but I do not want to have to lift or level it (it did not come with the air ride suspension option). I was thinking if I went with a 275/50R22 in a Toyo Open Country AT that it would be very similar in overall size as the stock setup.

Any thoughts on if this may work without any modifications? I want to keep the ride like stock b/c it rides really nice and it's her daily driver.
The width and circumference are identical for the two sizes you mentioned so no reason they shouldn’t fit if the rim has the same offset.
I’m guessing you’re not planning on much off road use with the 50 series tires and on road ride might not be as good with the shorter sidewall.
I have 70 series Toyo Open Country tires
and they ride very nice.
Thanks for your input! This Tahoe won't see any offroading other than we get snow here in southern IL. I figured as long as the offset on the 22 x 9 is the same as the offset on the stock 20 x 9, there shouldn't be any rubbing issue.

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