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TPMS Sensors


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Sep 10, 2023
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has any one had issues with the sensors staying in communication with the vehicle ??

granted, i have after market wheels and sensors, they talk to and read accurately, but periodically one will not connect ?

an Altul ? scanner suggest an internal issue with the BCM
Have not had any issues in my Trail Boss and I have aftermarket wheels and sensors. I did have an issue on my 08 Avalanche randomly dropping the right rear communication. I ended up selling the truck and didn't figure out what caused it. It would go months with no issues then all of the sudden while driving say no connection or whatever for that tire. I had several sets of tires on it and rotated them and it was always the same position, so it wasn't the sensors.
same here, i had the right front not read on the dash. A scanner can see and register the pressure, so i know the sensor is working. Now, it drops other sensors sporadically, so i do believe it is the truck.

i may take the time to swap in GM sensors, just to confirm...i now the dealer will blame the aftermarket sensors above all other options.

i think GM has about 4-5 options for MHZ being used...we went through almost everyone before it read...for a couple days.
It seems that I read where some intermittent and spurious problems with TPMS sensors are items interfering with the low-power signal.

Like a Cellphone placed on the center console.

In Corvettes this is more of a problem than for some, apparently. And changing where I have my phone seems to have fixed it. This was where only the Right Front wheel would be a problem, no matter what set of wheels/tires was currently in place. Just FYI.
that is very odd, as the sensor that the issue was the right front...i attempted several to have it corrected, and did a self learn one day all was happy.

a week later, the right rear is now inactive...now, i keep my personal cell in the console charging cubby...but carry a second for work and it moves around.

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