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Trail Boss 5.3 trading for 3.0 Duramax


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Jul 10, 2022
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El Dorado,Kansas
I currently have a 2020 Trail Boss with the 5.3 and 87,000 miles. I'm considering trading it in on a 2022 3.0 Duramax. I drive 75 miles round trip to work every day. I pull a boat all around the country on weekends fishing tournaments. Currently average 16 mpg driving daily and 7mpg pulling boat. I'm hoping to improve on that and get into a newer truck before I get 100,000 miles on this one. does anyone have any thoughts on this?
7mpg pulling your boat? How big is your boat and do you pull it uphill to the water both ways🤣😬?
Seriously though, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Duramax. I wish it was available when I bought my 21 TB.
I agree with Jmzvet, I would have loved to have the Diesel even with the high fuel prices right now. More power and longevity with the engine and truck for sure.
I have a 2021 gmc 1500 with the 3.0 duramax. I like it so much that I have ordered a 2022 trailboss in the 3.0. I will also be ordering a future trailboss with 3.0 due to trucks being worth so much here in canada due to a lack of supply.

Fuel economy and torque are fantastic. We’re paying about $7 a gallon for diesel so the high mileage is a saviour
Are you averaging 25mpg?
I get 18mpg with the 5.3 and I do 75% hwy driving at 65mph.
I also have a lift and 34in tires so 18mpg with a V8 is pretty good I think👍
I get 18-20 mpg’s unloaded average and 12-14mpg’s pulling my 19’ fully loaded boat with my 2.7ho, depending on wind. I drive 5.0 ford f150’s and 5.3 tahoes (‘08-‘18)at work. My 2.7ho feels more powerful. Plus fuel isn’t $6 a gallon. Mind you this is in mostly flat North Dakota. I think if I could keep it under 65 mph and quit gunning it, I could get better mileage but what fun is that lol. I will get mid 20’s on short trips to town if I’m careful but wouldn’t expect those numbers under normal conditions. Once again this is flat open roads in the summer. I mention this because if you are open to a turbo diesel 3.0 a
The new 2.7ho is sort of an inbetween in power. The 2.7 ho only has 30ft lbs less torque than the 3.0 diesel but has 33 more horsepower. Also just because and engine runs on diesel doesn’t mean it will last longer plus maintenance and repairs are always more expensive. I hope these last forever but it probably won’t last as long as my old 7.3 ford diesel has. I’m a long time Diesel engine owner, cars, trucks and tractors so I have nothing against them it’s just emissions are slowly making the cost of ownership go up.
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I average 8.0 L/100km on my 2021 sierra 1500 3.0 duramax. that translates to 29.4 mpg. That is a mix of city and highway driving.

This is what the computer on my truck says. The best I have achieved is 32 mpg over about 63 miles. Videos on youtube of testing show the 3.0 doing better than the in vehicle systems track.
I love my 22 3.0 duramax Trail Boss. Tons of Torque and great mileage. I'm right at 8300 miles now. Best tank was 28mpg, Towing I got 17mpg with a 5k trailer. If I drive it like a race truck I get between 16-20 city hwy combined.


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