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Trail Boss Badge


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Oct 31, 2022
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I am curious if any one has found a trail boss badge (not decal) similiar to the at4 that could go on tailgate. Size to match the silverado that is on there.
I was thinking the same thing.
I don’t have a 3D printer or know anything about them but seems like it would be easy to do😝
I've found some junk metal ones on ebay. They weren't that big and would corrode easily if you live in an area with salt in the winter.

Might look into these guys. Haven’t ordered anything from them so cannot vouch but looks like they do a lot of custom badging stuff with some trailboss options.
A guy pulled up beside me yesterday in what looked to me like a 2019-21 bone stock silverado. He had ZR2 badges ALL OVER it. He was rolling on 22 inch wheels with low profile tires. What is wrong with people? An obvious poser. If you pay for a ZR2 I dont think your going to cut it's balls off with big wheels and crap tires. Or are some guys just that stupid? He couldn't roll over a parking block at the mall if he wanted to.

Not referencing the OP here at all. Just commenting on what I saw.
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