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Trail Boss Exhaust Modification

Considering getting this for my 2021 5.3. Did you instal the pulsar LT and turn off DFM? I’m seeing some comments that it sounds like a chopper when it kicks in, can’t get them both at the same time so was curious how your set up is?
Last question man. I’m on a lease but I really want to change the exhaust and not sure if I’m going to buy it out or not. If I don’t buy out I’m going to have to remove the exhaust I install which I’m pretty sure I’m going with this one. Was there any welding involved? Was going to have a shop fully remove the OEM (keeping it in tact to save) and install the BC cat back but I thought I read no welding was needed.
Zero welding was needed. It was a 2 hour install. The toughest part was removing the 6 screws on chrome trim (at bumper exhaust tips). We had to take a bolt out of a shock to easily get the existing exhaust pipes out since we didn’t cut them and then put the bolt back in(passenger side). New exhaust installs with clamps and instructions are very easy to follow.
Gm performance exhaust pn 19419439

I couldn’t find any videos specific to that kit online , no drone but you can hear when the dfm comes on and off, will fix that with a pulsar :) here is a short warm start video I made quickly, truck was only off about half hour. 2021 TB 6.2

If you ever get a chance to do a slightly longer video, would love to hear it. Trying to figure out what kit to go with, and I definitely liked that sound upon start up

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