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Trail Boss Leveling Kit


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Sep 29, 2021
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Anybody do this yet to their TB? Looking to lift the front to match the back. Too much rake. I was looking at the Ready Lift 2019-2021 GMC AT4 and Chevy Trail Boss - 1.75" Leveling Kit.

I'm getting quotes of $750 installed. I also hear there is a right way to level it and a wrong way to level it.

What are your thoughts?

My head is already spinning. The reason I post and ask the question is to stop it from spinning.
I’m at the same point OP. Basically what I found is you will need to change out your control arms. So, don’t go with the cheap RC 150.00 nonsense. The two ready lifts - the level kit you spoke of and the 2” SST both come with new control arms. I’ve sent an email to RL about moving to bilstean shock if I go with the SST lift. With this lift you would be taking apart the strut tower. If you are thinking of a shock exchange, this is when you would want to do this. RL stated the kits are designed with the stock shock, and anything else could cause an over lift of the and change the geometrics.

soooooo if you’re want to just do a level, the RL sells a good product with the UCAs.
I used the Rough Country 1.5" leveling kit for Trail Boss specific. IT was only like $130.00 I did the work myself it was fairly easy if you have the tools people wanted 3 to 5 hundred to install it. RC doesn't call for a re-alignment I think because its just a spacer in the strut not underneath the strut. The strut coil is under a lot of tension so getting a good strut compressor is key the cheap harbor freight type is not the way to go. I have 295/70r18's now , no rubbing ,looks level and drives Awesome
I have the ReadyLift SST. 2in front and 1in rear lift. Added 295-70-18 tires at the same time. Overall lift w/tires
was 3in front 2in rear from stock. $750 is a real good
installed price for the SST kit.

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