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Trail Boss Leveling with Diff Drop?


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Dec 21, 2021
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I've been doing a lot of research and it seems there are 2 key issues to address when installing a 2" leveling kit on these trucks with no long term issues. 1 is the UCA ball joint which is put in the borderline range of it's movement. Sure they last a while but eventually will give out. 2nd is the CV axle angles. I've read multiple reviews and accounts of CV issues as well. So does anybody offer a small diff drop to help make leveling a long term reliable modification?? I get that some are going to say just quit over thinking it and quit being a pansy but I rely on this truck for work and need to be able to rely on it on job sites. Additional clearance and a nicer wheel/tire combo is always nice too.
UCAs with reworked geometry solve the 1st issue. I'm not totally convinced that a 2in lift is going to have a huge impact on the front CVs but then again I'm not a drivetrain engineer so I'm not really qualified to give a definitive answer. With that said, I'm willing to take the risk with my ReadyLift kit.
I really don't think a diff drop is necessary. The angles don't look bad at all. I leveled mine 20k miles ago and haven't had any issues to date.

I replaced the UCAs of course, went with Bilstein 6112s and it has been a huge improvement. Don't over think it 🤔

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