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Trailer Disconnected Check Connection warning problem

Wayback 40

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Dec 31, 2020
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After unhitching from any of my three utility trailers I get a warning on my dash that says Trailer Disconnected Check Connection. This warning is supposed to go out, according to the owners manual, in 30 seconds. The warning does not go out until I turn off my pickup. I do not know of anyway to "Dismiss" this warning other than to turn off my truck. I took the pickup to an area Chevy dealer for a few issues and regarding this issue I was told if the computer updates that they addressed doesn't fix it, i will have to wait for another computer update at a later time. My Trail Boss is a 2021 so I can't believe that a problem like this is not yet covered in a computer update. Just wondering if anyone else has had this warning issue.
Looks like it is giving you the option to dismiss it. Have you tried hitting your reset button? The one you use for your trip meter.
Press the rolling dial on the right side of the steering wheel (in the middle of the directional arrows). That is the "ok" button or (dismiss).

Also it doesn't go away until you shut down because it is a "safety" feature in a way in the event that your trailer actually becomes unplugged while towing.

I'm also shocked that the dealer wasn't able to tell you this.
I thank both Remanaz and Wakinvol so very much. First thing I did this morning was to hook and de-hook one of my trailers and try what you suggested. It worked!!! When I first ran into this issue I tried rotating that toggle button through all the different pages and then tried pushing it. Nothing happened. I'm betting this was all my error but just maybe the computer update helped. Again I thank you both very much. It was a great help and relief. Sad the dealers mechanic didn't suggest what you both did.
Glad to hear it is working for you now regardless how it got resolved. :)

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