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Truck Bed Cargo Tray


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Oct 12, 2023
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Has anyone purchased this new cargo tray from Rough Country yet? I like the concept but wondering if it will rattle or be noisy if left empty. Appreciate any comments.
It says "shipping soon" so it doesn't look like they are actually out there yet. It's expensive but it looks like a better option than the cargo net I have. The GM Accessories one broke and the generic one I have I haven't used much since it's kind of flimsy. This would be nice to keep stuff from flying all over the bed. The only issue is if you had it in the back and decided to get something large that this would be in the way of.
I'm at odds with @GETGONE over the cargo net. I have it and use it frequently. No issues so far. That's the route I'd go with over that Rough Country item by Rough Country. It's a lot cheaper and more convenient.
I made mine out of (2) 1x4x18", (1) 1x4x5?", and (1) 1x6x5?" and glue and eight wood screws. Cost about $18.00. Used now since 2017. Same one, no issues! Installs and removes in under 15 seconds.

Oh! I thought it was just because you're slow? Thanks for making me feel young.
I would like it better if it folded down instead of having to remove it every time I needed more of the bed for something fairly light
Folding down would suck unless there was something to hold it open. I have the OEM cargo tray for my 05 Dodge Magnum R/T. There's a very shallow notch for the cover to sit up into and it has hooks for grocery bags. Instead of holding them in place, it always flops down smashing my bread and chips!
I've never had bags of food in mine. Alcohol? Oh hell yeah! non-damaged goods every time! :ROFLMAO:
I made a tool box that holds everything out of wood and covered it with hurculiner and did the same for the box that sits on top of it. It has HDPE plastic under it and slides out easy.


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