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Update on Installing a Front Receiver for a Winch


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Feb 24, 2021
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Boulder, CO
Completing my Front Receiver and re-installing the OpenRoad winch is dependent on finishing the welds. My neighbor welded the bottom and the front. The top and the rear need to be done. So I am learning to weld, in order to do this myself. I bought a Forney 140 FC-i 120 VAC Flux Core Wire Welder. It is working GREAT.

(refer to this thread for all of the previous discussion: https://www.trailboss.org/threads/installing-a-winch-on-a-trail-boss.546/page-3 )

I have to use my 5KW generator, though ... cuz my house built in 1952 does not have enough 20 amp circuits. But the Amico Cut-30 220 VAC plasma cutter also works well with my generator. :)

My welds are getting better. Almost good enough now.


A butt weld, two pieces beveled and then welded together both top and underside:

Forney140 FC-i.png

Finally got the welding done on this front receiver. I practiced a little more before setting it up, and cranked the Forney up pretty high, Current at setting 8 out of 10, for 1/4 inch thick. Forney suggests setting the wire Feed Speed usually the same as the current, but I have found that is too much. So I used 7 and about 7-1/2 for this.

And it's difficult to tell which are my welds and which are my neighbor's, who has a lot of experience. At least mostly.

I ... have learned ... to Weld.

Now to sand, prime, paint and reinstall it into my Trail Boss.
I've watched videos by people like Matt's Off Road Recovery, Casey LaDelle, Rory/Trail Mater, Paul/Fab Rats, Robby Layton ...
They ALL know how to weld, and they practice often.
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Sanded, primed and painted. Now all there is to do is re-install it into the truck. This receiver has been modified according to the Drawings provided in the original thread. It fits very well in a 2021 model year Trail Boss. And now it won't rust. :)


There were some additions and corrections necessary for the page 2 drawing, so here are the updated drawings:



I need to do this for my plow. Thanks for the info.

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