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Voltage question


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Apr 5, 2024
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Hello, I have a 2024 Trailboss Lt 6.2. When I’m driving I notice my voltage is constantly moving up and down from 12 volts and back up to 15 or so.
Is this normal ? Thank you
i have seen them dip as low as high 11's before kicking in and exciting the alternator.
I see, So my next question is, is there anyway to disable it? My issue is I run a Ham radio that puts out over 100watts and I need around 14.6 for it to power correctly. Sometimes it’s dropping under 12 and that really sucks. I’m running straight to the battery with 8 gauge. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Anyone know if the 24 Trailboss 6.2 alternator is still a 2 pin plug or did they change it?
I have a 300w sub installed and when i have the radio cranked it puts a decent demand on the alternator. I noticed the trans shifts worse than normal when volume is up. Given how electronically driven cars are these days, seems the voltage draw affects drivability. Not a help for OP but related to topic.
CAPACITOR for any sound system above GM offerings !!!!
I ran 3000 watts in my old Tacoma never used caps once
how many electronic goodies compared to now...GM runs a voltage drop system now...it can go down into the high 10's before exciting the alt....
You could always add a second deep cycle battery for connecting accessories. You will also be able to jump main battery if the need to.
The problem with the T1's is there's no place for a 2nd battery under hood like the previous gen trucks had.

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