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What did you do to your Trailboss today? 🛠️

I got rid of the GoodYear Duratracs and installed Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT's. Much more quieter. The GoodYears caused so much cab noise at 50-60 mph that I could hardly carry on a conversation with the fam. Highly recommend them. They look aggressive and perform great.
This is why I stopped buying extra warranty… customer service is a rare find these days.
What setting are the bilsteins at, factory lift height?
Correct I’m only getting additional 2 inches from the ready lift … Bilstein makes 5100’s specific for Trail Boss /AT4’s …

What setting are the bilsteins at, factory lift height?


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Finally got around to installing Carhart seat cover and Lasfit reverse lights. Didn't realize just how crappy the old bulbs were.
Replaced OEM trail boss stickers with matte black version from eBay. I was on the fence about just deleting them totally, but I love this color with the white. Still waiting to install the matte z71 and 6.2 emblems until I find my eraser wheel…

Also gave it the first real wash since I got it last week. Didn’t go too crazy with detailing because I’m awaiting my exoforma graphene kit now. Once that comes in, I’ll clay and polish.



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Replaced the fake wood interior pieces in my 21 trail boss. Wife bought them for me for an early birthday present!


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Today was oil change day. First I changed the wifes Yukons oil and rotated the tires. Then changed the oil in the Trailboss and now I am trying to plan when to get the new tires mounted.
It’s nice being able to slide right under the TB to change the oil/filter👍
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replaced the z71 fender badge and 6.2L hood emblem with matte black versions to match the matte trail boss decal on the back. everything now is just about the color scheme I want...

Also installed and programmed my pulsar. first drive with no DFM at all was good. bumped up throttle response to +1 level above stock, truck feels a lot more nimble now. Will eventually replace the tire on the truck, so it's nice to have the groundwork set for the future.

Which steps do you have and what do they look like looking from the back? Just wondering how far they stick out.

I can say that when I replaced badges, I just used a heat gun for a few seconds and fishing line to cut the adhesive. I did spend about $9 on an eraser wheel from Amazon for getting rid of the leftover glue and it was well worth it. Only took a few seconds to get rid of the gunk left behind by the old badges.

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