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What’s your high score? (MPG)


Aug 14, 2022
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What’s your all time high mpg?

2020 6.2
39.9 on i70 heading to denver with LOTS of coasting downhill
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19.1 for 21 gallons normal driving with a 50 minute / 35 mile highway commute each day per day.
I got 22.5 mpg the day I picked it up and drove home 100mi on flat ground at 65mph. Nothing close since then. I rarely drive on flat ground.
I think the best I have ever gotten was 22.5 mpg.. in stock truck form… I now have a BDS lift and 35 Inch tires, I average around 14mpg the last 5000+ miles..
6.2 engine. I was getting 18.9 coming north on I-25 from Fort Collins, Colorado to Casper, Wyoming. Cruise set at 85 mph. So not too bad! I have DFM deactivated too, so I am in full-time V8 mode.
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Mine is 21 best on that Fuel economy page with my 6.2L. I live in the egde of mountain Foothills so I have a lot of hills and valleys. If I go down to the coastal plan it gets better.

My beloved 2018 6.2L LTZ got way better gas mileage. The 22inch wheels may have played a part in that too.
22 TB LT1 3.0 Duratec
Best 50 mile per truck CPU has been 32.5 MPG driving hwy at about 70 MPH
Have 4000 miles on TB now and average about 24.5 MPG mixed driving, 15 minute daily communte, tank last 10 days 500+ miles. Love my Duratec even if diesel cost more.
24000 miles now on the 2022 LTD 2.7T and running Maverik E15. 26-27 MPG no wind @60 mph consistently in Colorado on two lane US HWY 160 going to and from VA in Alamosa. Wind kills all that of course and we have a lot of wind....LOL Started running AMSOIL PI every 4000 miles and AMSOIL UCL with better MPG to show for it but haven't tracked it enough to see difference but suspect its nearing 4% improvement with PI cleaning injectors. Maverik E15 is pretty crappy and here only 86 octane avg. The L3B 2.7 Turbo likes ethanol. I like the lower price and higher octane.

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