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Wonky infotainment system...

Sep 8, 2022
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So I have been just dealing with a laggy google system for a couple months. From start it could take a few or up to 10 minutes to actually boot up to be usable with inputting destinations, etc., which was worse if I did multiple starts and stops in succession, like running into store or day care drop-off (oddly if I had remote started from the app, it seemed to be loaded fine). Now, after it acting extra buggy, when I got to my destination the 360 camera is no longer working (regular backup cameras works, but the 360 option does not pop up and is not available to be selected).

Wondering if anyone has had something similar, and if I should try just disconnecting the battery for a few, or if this is a dealership kind of thing :cautious:
Well that sucks. Can't hurt to try a battery disconnect, if that doesn't work it might be dealer time.

Just remember the alarm goes off when you hook the battery back up; scares the eff out of me every time.
My truck is at the dealer right now getting a new radio installed. This has been my only complaint about my truck. The radio / infotainment system is super glitchy. The main issue I've been having with mine is the sound not working. The only way to get it to come back on is to turn off the engine & let it sit for a minute or so. It will usually start working again on the next start up. Apparently there was decent sized firmware update released in March, so hopefully the update combined with the new radio will solve it. It's a '23 LT Trail Boss
Hey everyone, I just purchased a 23 this past weekend, and the infotainment system compared to the UConnect on the Grand Cherokee is night and Day, I love Chevys so much more. Question is, are you guys using Google primarily or android auto/carplay? Just wasn't sure on which one has better functionality.

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