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Won’t start or power down

Boss Hog

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Dec 19, 2021
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2022 LT TBoss with 6.2L. Got in to start and the radio was still on and message center said “Place in park to start”. It was in park and after pressing brake and trying to start the low fuel message popped in the message center. I finally disconnected the battery to reset. Anyone had this issue?
Not yet, but hopefully not. I've got a 22' Refreshed 6.2l Trail Boss. Keep us posted if you find out the issue.
Not sure what happened. It wouldn’t do anything. I put the code reader on it and it had none. Almost like the ECU was all confused. Unhooking the battery to kill everything did the trick….for now
Remote started mine , got in pushed start button, wouldn’t do anything, at some point it stopped running, couldn’t restart it, nothing would work but park lights and fan kept going, couldn’t turn them off, I removed neg battery able put back on, cable wasn’t really very tight, everything went back to normal and now my auto stop problem is solved also, been working for a month straight, before almost never worked
Very odd. If it does it again, you might try pulling back your wheel liner on the driver's side front tire, and see if you can double check those three connections on the ECM. Make sure the tabs are locked in the closed position. It is located in front of the front driver's side tire.
My dad's 2019 TB LT just had this same issue. They had to replace the Auto Trans Control, which has a switch built into it to show the truck is in park when it is in park. It is mounted on the steering column and was roughly $160 fix.

He hasn't had any issues since.

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