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A TB with a Story - Detroit Grand Prix


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Jun 24, 2021
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Hi, This is my new trail boss. 50 of them were built for the Detroit Grand Prix this month. Each truck carried a race car driver in the bed for a welcome lap. Then they were distributed to local dealerships. The dealership I bought mine from got three. By pure luck I called the dealership yesterday morning 14 mins after they had loaded the trucks into their system. With three there I didn’t feel rushed and began working with my salesman to negotiate price and trade in. I called back two hours later and they only had one left. The “CHEVROLET” in white letters on the windshield is a cool remembrance of its Grand Prix lap. It also has the number 14 in white letters near the vin tag. My sales person didn’t think that was the driver’s number, but rather its place in line 14 of 50. It has stock options but is fully loaded with a 6.2L, performance package, sunroof, Bose sound system, and convenience package that gives you the power sliding window too. I had them add the hard plastic tri-fold tonneau cover and am extremely happy how it looks streamlined on the bed, instead of hanging over like a soft cover does. If your truck has a story please reply and share!

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