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Mine came today and just put them on… thank you for the referral


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I finally decided to put the trigger and sent my 4 headrest in yesterday.
Finished product

Finished product to match the Dark Ash Metallic
I'm debating between the grey (like yours) and red lettering. Can you post a picture of what the headrests look like installed in your truck?
This is one of my favorites mods. To The Top for all our newer members who haven't seen this yet(y)
For those that don't want to look on Youtube. Pop up the plastic grommet around the shaft and pull away the material with your fingers. You'll want a pick to pull on the loop to release the bar that holds the headrest in place. there is one on each shaft.


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Mine are getting sent out to him today.
Black cloth interior.
Going with the standard colors and gray mountain.

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