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Update issues today

got a call this morning, after TRACC (??) got ahold of the controls, the flash was completed and is said to be all corrected.

we will see, but i know that if i can...the auto update feature will be set to OFF>

the truck it self would not communicate with the various other control modules...mainly the transfer case, which then effected speed related systems...TPMS, Front impact and Parking break functions
what year is your truck?

picked it up last night...all seems fine for now, with the exception of the right front tire sensor. I am going to replace that one just to rule out a bad sensor.

i did ask about the rumor of electronic devices causing issues similar to that...the tech DID state, that some items that use the ODB port to power up or feed camera displays has been known to cause issues, but a portable mobile device (phones / tablets) do not.

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