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Shadow Gray Metallic

Trail Boss and Old Town Discovery. One is bad ass off road and the other is bad ass in white water. What more could a man want....oh, a woman that likes to do both of those things.

My wife wanted both!! She pushed me to get the Trail Boss and I picked up the canoe for a 8 day camping trip we are doing in a week.
Love the fact that depending on the lighting, the truck can looks a different color. Working on getting the exhaust changed to black chrome from Borla next. Saving the wheels and tires for last.

2021TB892021front (2).jpg

2021TB892021back (2).jpg
Have the same color, It's cool how it looks different all the time. Question on that bed cover that you have on it. Who makes that and it easy to take on and off? Looks really good.
SGM. "The chameleon". Changes colors depending the environment.


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Thanks. They're the factory Silverado running boards from the dealer. They're expensive and heavy but very solid.

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