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Which Trail Boss should I buy

We are at $5.49 where I go currently. 🤮🤬


OMG!!! and i thought we were high with $2.99 here in the GA Mountains and that's for Regular. Tack on another 50 cents for premium
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2023 or 24? 5.3L or 6.2L?
2023 I need advise on the engine. 5.3, 6.2, or Duramax. The last Chevy I owned was a 2008 and the 5.3 was different back then. Before that I owned a 1978 with a 350 and full time 4 wheel drive. Now that 78 was a good truck chain drive transfer case. Yes I am old lol
I have a '22 refresh with the 3.0 and 16k on it. First oil change it used a quart, second one it did not. It's used as a car for the most part with space in the back seat area for the Labradors plus the dump run capabilities. Ability to tow which may be needed for the final loads out of California but that didn't factor in. The drag racer has aged out of me but it has plenty of power, far more than the 2001 5.3 I was driving. I've averaged 24mpg overall. Range was a factor for me, the old GMC required fuel stops between our places in Oregon and California, starlight thru with the LM2. LZ0 may be different.
Not crazy about our Governor, but give him props for removing the state tax off our gas prices. But Newsome, is a whole another level of greatness.
I just drove from Maine to Florida and the highest I saw gas was $4.07 and that was in N.J. Gavin Newsome must be terrible.
Terrible is an understatement haha.
The place I get my gas is cheap. Most of the stations are .20-1.00 higher.
5.3 in my TB. 3.0 Duramax in my Yukon. I wish the 3.0 was available in the TB in 2021. It's a great engine. That being said, I have had zero problems with the 5.3. I'm old and rarely tow so the 5.3 is more than I need.
My vote:
Duramax for mileage
6.2 for max tow and we’ll say spirited driving
5.3 for everything else

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